Meet Summer!

With most of the animal shelters in California at or beyond capacity, the reality is that often the difference between a dog who makes it out alive and one who doesn’t is a solid foster offer.

Just ask one of our newest rescues: Summer. This sweet girl was picked up as a stray in Stockton, and like so many others, no one came looking for her.

Despite being a shelter favorite, young, healthy, and adorable, Summer was one of the longest-stay residents, and her time was almost up. The shelter even performed surgery on her to fix her entropion (a genetic condition that causes the eyelids to roll inward). She was healing nicely, happy, and sweet, but yet no one came to adopt her. She’d been noticed by one of our repeat adopters who adored her from afar but has a full house that includes two OPR alumni. She made a post for Summer, calling for a foster and hoping someone would fall in love. As fate had it, her neighbor Susan saw Summer’s pictures and offered to foster!

Summer has been at Susan and Andy’s house for a month now, learning how to be a family member. It’s not clear if Summer ever had a loving home, but those days are behind her. We’re so thrilled she gets a chance to know the meaning of love. Stay tuned as we learn more about adorable Summer.

If you’d like to help more deserving dogs like Summer get a chance, fill out a foster application on our site and consider making a donation to our nonprofit. We can’t do what we do without your support!

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