Adopt Me!: Buddy

Meet 2 year old Buddy!

Buddy is a young adult German Shepherd who is very smart (don’t tell my Labrador, but he is probably smarter than her) and is eager to learn. After warming up to you, he will seek your attention and love. However, he is also happy to just lay on his bed and chew on a toy if you are busy. His favorite toy is a chicken-flavored bone.

He has been learning Sit, Stay, Come, Name Recognition (Buddy), Down, Leave It, By Me (informal heel), and Off. He learns very quickly and is food-motivated, but not so food-motivated that he will eat all your food immediately, which is nice.

Buddy loves going on long walks and enjoys his training sessions, which provide for some mental stimulation as well.

He is potty trained, crate trained (sleeps in it, goes into it for food and stays with few complaints), and does not chew on furniture. He walks on the leash quite well. He does jump on the bed and furniture occasionally, but he is learning not to do this (working on the Off cue). He gets along well with other dogs. However, he is learning more about other dogs playstyles and building up more social skills to add to his repretoire, through ongoing socialization opportunites and playdates with other well-behaved dogs.

Buddy appears to be sensitive around his belly and groin areas, and can react to an unfamiliar person touching those areas. We suggest that his new forever family to work on desensitizing him to human touch around those areas, after Buddy has bonded with them.

Buddy is most suited to a loving home with an active lifestyle, previous dog experience, a strong interest in positive reinforcement training methods, and no young children.

To learn more about Buddy or to arrange meeting him, please help us learn more about you/your household by filling out our online application:

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