Christmas miracle!: grandpa Joe B

Today we were thrilled to take part in a true Christmas miracle!
Meet Grandpa Joe B, a sweet 15-year-old dog who was heartlessly dumped at the San Jose Animal Care Center by his family on 12/22 at 4pm, just days before Christmas. They said he was old and requested for him to be euthanized. Our hearts broke when we saw him, and thanks to a foster/fospice offer from Sarah (who previously adopted Arrow Bear from OPR), we were able to rescue him from the shelter today, on Christmas morning, and drive him to Sarah’s house to spend the holidays loved and cherished!
We will be taking him to the vet early this week after he decompresses and we hope to help him feel much better.
Please donate toward our Christmas miracle Joe B’s medical care if you can. Merry Christmas! 🎄❤️🙏😇

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