Adopt me!: Christopher

Music by Carter Vail – Melatonin –

Christopher is a peppy guy who will keep you on your toes! And any wand toy will get him on HIS toes – Da Fish and Da Mouse are his two favorites. He likes to stay active and will always be a willing playmate.

He is mischievous too, and will try to steal your attention at every opportunity! Chris sees just about every opportunity for him to play – and he will playfully bite and swat at your hands…all in high-spirited fun. Just bring out a wand toy and he is instantly mesmerized!

Chris wants to lay on you (or your warm chair!) and loves his head scratched, but doesn’t want you to pick him up; he prefers to quietly sit with you. He will cuddle when he feels like it and usually every night, but it may turn into a wrestling match so you want to make sure to provide Chris a lot of opportunities to play before snugglling in with him. He does not seem to enjoy the company of dogs and he seems interested in kitten friends with a slow introduction.

Yep, Chris is a little dynamo! And was dealt a bit of a crummy hand as a baby; early on, when he was found by a kind rescuer who noticed he had an injured leg. Chris’ leg required surgery and he walks with a bit of an adorable wobble. Being the spunky guy he is, he persevered and can do anything a cat needs to do! His

humans should be cat-experienced (he’s not the companion for little kids), and comfortable with redirecting his attention onto appropriate play things.

He is a firecracker, with a personality to match! Contact us today to arrange a meet & greet with darling Chris, or fill out our online application for a quicker response:

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