Baxter’s update!

Just received this lovely letter from little man Baxter (aka ToTo)!
Those of you who foster(ed) or adopt(ed) from One Planet Rescue know how these kinds of updates and photos totally make our day… It makes all the hard work we put into it so worthwhile!

Hi Farah! It’s Baxter in Montana. Today it snowed a bunch; Angela took a utility sled on a walk because sometimes I get fussy when my feet are cold (ice balls etc), but she says she can be sure that if she brings a sled for me, I’ll be fine walking. It’s when there is no sled that I stand pathetically raising a sore foot and refusing to move 🤣 isn’t that hysterical? We bought a 317 acre ranch a couple of hours from here and will move in April. It’s beautiful, remote, off grid. It is accessed by a 7 mile private road that no one plows so we will all have to get tough and be prepared to withstand a storm. Between Angela’s 5 barn cats and her boyfriend’s 4 barn cats I will have many cats to keep in line. I’ve learned to stay away from donkeys as they kicked me when I was innocently rolling in their poop pile, so everyone is now really cautious to keep me away from yaks. Some dogs are quick but I get so focused on the joy of poop piles that I forget to be cautious, so I’m not really allowed to go out alone. That’s ok, my important job is to Guard The Couch, I’m assigned that role daily and I excel at it.
I like to chase chickens too, but I’ve learned to let them be, and roosters are happy they needn’t keep an eye out for me – really we all know I’m not too scary. I like to think I sorta am, but I realize this is just a dream.
Just thought I’d drop a line to say hi! Hope you’re doing well and staying covid safe.
Love, Baxter.

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