Adopt Me!: Bellamy


Loving, easygoing Bellamy is a Border Collie/ Husky mix. She gets along with everyone, even toddlers! This patient, gentle girl loves attention (especially being brushed), but if you are busy then she is content to sit quietly as part of the family. Bellamy makes friends quickly, is kind to her human and animal foster siblings, and has played well with new friends on her trips to the dog park.

Bellamy was rescued as a stray, so we do not know her full history. She has a stiff gait for unknown reasons, but it doesn’t prevent her from loving walks or dancing with excitement at the prospect of treats. This eager learner does very well with reward-based training: she learned to lie down within a day!

Although Bellamy is still learning to walk without pulling, a harness controls her desire to bound ahead. Bellamy appears to have been used as a puppy factory, then abandoned when she reached senior age (she is about 8 years old). She is just over 70 lbs.

We recommend a home with no cats as she’s a tad bit too interested in them.

If you would like to meet Bella, please help us learn more about you and your household by filling out our online application:

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