Spanky’s Rescue Story

Spanky was brought to my attention just the other day when I went to @sanjoseanimalcarecenter to pull Brawny (the pitbull mix whose time was up 🥹)

While I was waiting for Brawny, our friend Ani with @sjanimaladvocates asked if I could go meet Spanky whose deadline was also that very day at 5pm!

I learned he was in quarantine because of a cough. I was also warned that he bites and doesn’t like to be handled. I asked to see him. Of course I approached him cautiously and offered him a treat and soon after he started to rub himself against me and then I even got a kiss!

Due to his cough, I can’t take him to his foster home @filomenafarmssj until he recovers so thanks to our dear friend Val who only has cats in her apartment, Spanky’s life was spared and he is now decompressing at Val’s place.

Thanks to Dawn of SJ Animal Advocates for insisting Spanky get a shaving as it’s clear his body hurt from all the locks thus his discomfort and aggressive reaction to touch.

We went straight to the vet and learned our little boy has heart murmur and very bad teeth but for now, he’s on heart and cough meds. Dental work scheduled for next week.

Please consider helping us so we can take on more medical cases.

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